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Architecture - Construction Management

Hi, I’m Kyle Jensen an Architect licensed in all of Florida with active projects in Orange, Seminole, Polk, Hernando Counties. I have architectural experience in a wide range of building types and sizes from multiple acres under the roof to 1 car garages and from laboratory clean rooms to chicken coups. I also have a lot of construction management experience and I typically manage construction for my architectural clients. The reason is simple, I can eliminate the General Contractor and typically reduce his 20-25% profit and overhead to about 7.5-15%. This can save you $100,000 on a $500,000 house!

Mr. Jensen is an extraordinarily capable design architect and construction manager serving the Greater Orlando Area and has worked with Universal Studios, Disney, NASA, and the Smithsonian Institution among others. Kyle has a rare technical competency and artistic strength that has produced several landmark buildings and new technologies in Orlando, Winter Park, Windermere, and around the world. Kyle integrates art and sculpture in his buildings where appropriate which lends a very creative “fine art” feel to his work. Mr. Jensen has lived and worked professionally in the US, Europe, and Asia and is fluent in a wide array of building types and design styles. When you choose to work with Kyle’s firm, you work with the Principal and that makes all the difference in a project’s timely design and execution.

Kyle’s practice is an excellent choice for clients that value economy and quality in construction.  He offers Preliminary Services like Professional Site Investigation and detailed reports for development projects for $250-$500. The Firm uses Sketch Up 3D modeling software to develop designs that show Clients exactly what it will be like to be, and walk around, in their project any time of day. Typically this costs $4,500 to $15,000 for a residence. We like to teach our clients to use the models on their own so they can participate in the design refinement process which we strive to make enjoyable. With a fixed design, we typically produce Construction Documents / Permit Drawings and many times provide construction management services. On residential projects, this delivery method eliminates the General Contractor and most of his 20%-25% Profit and Overhead, the single biggest line item on most projects.



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