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For over 25 years, Kyle Jensen has been creating excitingly unique designs for residents of Central Florida and clients all over the world. When you need someone to design, plan, and construct your next project, keep this in mind: The largest single line item cost on your new project is likely the GC’s profit and overhead. We specialize in eliminating the GC and managing the construction project transparently for owners. You’re looking at almost $100,000 savings on a $500,000 dollar house. Kyle Jensen Architect will characterize, design, and plan your project and provide complete construction management creating a single point of responsibility. Remember, when you hire an architect over a GC using canned house plans, you will be getting a building designed to your specific taste and full consideration of site factors unique to your project. He has hands-on design & construction experience with the latest state of the art solar energy systems. Mr. Jensen is a subject matter expert on surface water management systems and design and holds over 20 patents being used today to remove pollution from central Florida lakes.

I graduated from the U of Illinois, Chicago in 1982 at the onset of a major recession where thousands of architects were laid off.  After 6 years of college, I choose to be commissioned as an officer in the US Navy Civil Engineer Corps (Ensign Jensen, hahaha).  I managed large complicated military construction contracts domestically and overseas.  I am familiar with and feel very comfortable with subcontractors and on a construction site.  Through this experience, I often manage the construction of the projects I design.

I do a good bit of Construction Management and the reason is simple.  We can eliminate the General Contractor and I can manage the project as you representative as I did for the US Government 30 years ago. The largest single line item cost in most construction projects is the General Contractors Profit and Overhead.  For Single Family Residential, our jurisdiction allows owners to be “Owner Contractors” for the construction of their own residence.  Unless builders themselves, most Owners are rightfully scared of this.  The Architect that designs a building is naturally way better suited to manage the construction because they know the building inside and out and don’t have to get up to speed.


With another “Transparent Cost Plus” method, we can work with a GC and reduce his Profit and Overhead by De-Risking the project.  I prepare a detailed spreadsheet estimate with all of the components accounted for.   Then I write and Agreement that uses that estimate for the cost basis and the schedule for any additive or deductive changes.  Using this method I have consistently reduced the General Contractors Profit and overhead of 20-25% to 8-12%.  Again, this is the single largest line item cost on most projects and results in many tens of thousands of dollars on even a modest-sized project. 

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