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Radio Frequency Shielded Enclosures

Kyle Jensen - Orlando Architect


Orlando Radio Frequency Shielded Enclosures For Protection From HEMP Events!

During my time as a Civil Engineer Corps Officer out of college, I managed the construction of many very complex buildings.  One of them was an RF Shielded Enclosure.  RF Shielded enclosures are very special building envelopes that stop Radio Frequency energy from being emitted from the equipment inside the building.  In this case, it was Top Secrete Communication for the US Military.

RF enclosures became important when RF energy was surprisingly emitted fro an atomic Bomb blast from a mission called Castle Bravo.  The bomb was 3time more powerful than expected.  This bomb emitted a very high HEMP or High Energy Magnetic Pulse.  HEPM events can also be caused by the Sun. They can completely fry any electronic device such that they will never operate again.

For this reason, the military Specifies HEMP enclosures meeting the Mil-Std 285 and it’s successors standards for sensitive and Secrete communication equipment and other critical infrastructure. The Pilipino Architect conceived a flawed design and when discovered during construction I redesigned the construction details and sequence and solved the problem thus developing a new method for RF Shielding Construction that is higher quality and easier/cheaper to construct. The US government awarded me thousands of dollars under the beneficial suggestion program and I can bring this design expertise to your project.

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