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Kyle Jensen - Orlando Architect

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Mr. Jensen studied Mycology under world-renowned Mycologist, Paul Stamets, Ph.D. Mr. Jensen has hands-on experience with the propagation and culture of fungal organisms. He has a unique experience with Clean Room Laboratory design, construction, and operation. One focus of the practice is sustainable land development integrating low-density aquaculture and residential development.

I was introduced to Hydroponics and Polyculture working with the late great Da Vinci of Citrus, Bert Roper.  Bert had a Disney expert design a Hydroponic and Polyculture system on the Garden Building Roof in Winter Garden Florida.  The system had Hanging, Track Mounted, Deep Water, Shallow Water, and Pipe style systems.  I became familiar with them all through the operation and maintenance of the systems with Bert for a year or 2.

Combining Hydroponics with Fish culture is Polyculture.  This system was designed after the legendary work of Jim Rackosi.  I attended a multi-day seminar at Aquatic Ecosystems where Rackosi presented his Lives work in great detail.  This technology can literally feed the earth and discharges much less fertilizer-laden water.


The Roper system cultured Tilapia and a wide variety of herbs and leafy greens and is now a working laboratory for Valencia College.

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