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Mycological Grow Rooms

Kyle Jensen - Orlando Architect

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Mr. Jensen briefly studied Mycology under world-renowned Mycologist, Paul Stamets, Ph.D. Mr. Jensen has hands-on experience with the propagation and culture of fungal organisms. He has a unique experience with Clean Room Laboratory design, construction, and operation. 

The amazing power of Mycelia or Fungi is responsible for shaping our work in so many rarely realized ways.  I attended Culinary and Medicinal Mushroom Culture School under Paul Stamets and I have developed a subspecialty in designing and building the Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing infrastructure required to culture Mycelia and it’s fruiting bodies, the Mushroom!

Essentially special media is sterilized or homogenized with various methods and this results in the delivery of Sterilized media in special bags delivered inside a Level 8 clean room with exacting temperature, humidity, Co2 levels, and of course filtration. Inside the cleanroom, there are Flow Benches providing an even greater level of filtration for inoculation of media with ultra-clean inoculation spoors, which are also prepared and cultured in the cleanroom.  Air exchanges are necessary to keep C02 levels within very specific parameters.

Recognition of Mycelia and mushroom value to mankind is in its infancy in the US.  Many mushrooms are primary cancer treatments in eastern medicine.  Regular consumption of mushrooms fosters immune system potentiation, which is like giving soldiers in the field bullets during the war.  Many of my designs have containerized the element of Mycelia culture and allow small farmers to have the same tools the big guys have.

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