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Planning a home? Kyle Jensen will work with you personally to discover your unique tastes and bring your vision to life using his knowledge gained working on a diversity of projects spanning the globe. He is greatly experienced with both modern styles and traditional designs. With 25 years of worldwide experience and being known as  #1 Orlando Architect, Kyle Jensen Architect can help you with projects of all sizes. He handles both commercial and residential design and can combine elegance and style with comfort and function to provide you with a space that perfectly suits your needs.

Designing buildings is one of my favorite things to do. The more technically complex the project better I like it.  I have worked on many large complex buildings early on in my career such as Diesel Power Plants, Electrical Distribution Infrastructure, Large Clubs and Banquette Facilities, and multifamily housing.  This work was for the US Government and several large clients such as NASA, Disney, and The Smithsonian Institution. I enjoy refining the designs to an expert level to suit the function.  In my career today as a sole practitioner I have moved mostly to Residential projects. I am most fulfilled to bring not only a solid technical knowledge and design potency, which results in a rare blend of very high-quality architecture and construction.


In college and as a practicing professional I have sought Continuing Education touring the world with Art and Architectural Tours and Seminars.  During these trips, we visit and study the architecture of past cultures and gain competence in designing a building in many styles and with many materials as has been practiced over the eons.  I like to draw from historical architecture but I also really enjoy ultra-modern design.

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