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Patel House Photos and Animation

Bahrat Patel is a Developer and Sun Watcher and his daily routine starts with meditation in front of the rising Sun.  A worship space in view of Sunrise was a primary priority for the design.  This ultra modern design is 6,000 SF with 4 On Suit Bedrooms with Balconies on level 2 and a Prime Suite on level 1.  Floor to ceiling Glass, View Rail Stairs, Pneumatic Clear Tube Elevator and many other options were delivered for $1.45 million in 2019.  Mr. Jensen designed, prepared Permit drawings and managed construction of this project.  A detailed Framing Model allowed accounting for every element of the project cost.  This cost basis spreadsheet was use in a Transparent Cost Plus Agreement that help GC profit and Overhead to 7.5% of construction cost.

A truly custom home starts with learning a lot about the client your designing for.  For this reason, the first order of business on any project is to develop a spreadsheet listing each space length, and width and area are calculated. Cost is applied to this on a per square foot basis and a project budget is developed.  My clients and I refine this spreadsheet so we are both crystal clear about the goal we are shooting for and how much that is going to cost.  This is where the clients really see how much the things they want are going to cost and it is critical to moving forward with the design.

The site is a primary element that needs to be analyzed and studied and considerations at this phase or very important.  This is where the solar element of the design comes to bear on what it will be like to be in space. Access, views, micro-climate issues like prevailing winds,  zoning restrictions, the slope of the terrain, drainage, desires of the client and so many other things come into the consideration of the design.

For me, it all starts with freehand sketches.  Fairly quickly I like to begin the modeling process.  This is really the fun part of the project and we strive hard to refine the design with the clients' reactions and review comments in mind.  We usually send MP4 files which are animations of the design.  Of course, the typical plans and sections are shown, most clients really respond to communication that happens from walk through animations.  There are a few animations on this site that you can play to get a feel for what the 3D modeling process brings to the project.  It makes us able to communicate our ideas to you and show you how they will actually look when built.

After the model is complete, we can use it to study interior design elements like color palates, finishes, furniture, and even lighting design if the client elects to take the design that extra mile.

When the model is complete and approved we freeze the design and then we use that model to compose the Permit Document Set.  This process results in Construction documents that are way beyond the usual Schematic plans that most architects produce and that really makes a difference in the final product.

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