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Restaurant Design

Kyle Jensen - Orlando Architect

Innovative Restaurant Design Orlando
3D Modeling Puts YOU In The Space

Mr.  Jensen will work with you personally to identify what is needed to b build your vision for a great restaurant into the facility you have chosen to build it.  If this is a new restaurant we are uniquely suited to design and build that as well.  

"I built The Table Orlando” for my chef friends in 2012.  It was a very popular 5-course meal with wine pairings.  I had never worked with a top 10 Chef so for training, I elected after design and managing the construction of the restaurant, to work as a dishwasher for the first 6 months.  I can truly say I know more than most architects about how a top talent kitchen operates and what works on the design side.  Emeril Legasse and the Food Chanel reviewed The Table more than once with great reviews.

After 2 years of operations, a group of us decided to lease the adjacent space and I designed and managed the construction of Pharmacy, which is a Speakeasy.  The Table was incorporated into Pharmacy due to 4COP SRX liquor license changes.  Until COVID 19, Pharmacy had been a popular bar-restaurant that closed after several months with to service.

It is important to note that I Designed and Built Pharmacy for $300,000 and we can seat 120 but only do seat 100.  Next Door, Big Finn, which seats 350 patrons costs over $4 million to build out.  The pharmacy was 1/5th the cost of Big Fin.  I can bring this economy to your Restaurant project.  I also have a deep talent base to draw on for the development of a restaurant concept, equipment, and operations management experience."



Emeril’s Florida: Central Florida Favorites Kyle Jensen’s design of the Pharmacy Speakeasy is featured in this episode of Emeril’s Florida.

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