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Water Garden Design

Kyle Jensen - Orlando Architect

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Orlando Water Garden Design

With an extensive portfolio of water garden designs, Kyle Jensen will work with you to design your perfect water garden feature. You can enjoy the sight and sound of running water without the maintenance of a pond. From rushing white water to calm soothing streams, we will help you choose all the necessary components for your brand new water garden. Contact Kyle Jensen today to get started on your unique vision for your water garden design.

The Periphyton Filter deployed on the Periphyton Roof was originally conceived as an Aquarium Filtration system..  It is capable of creating such high water quality it is used to maintain coral cultures which are super sensitive to water pollution in captivity.  The Periphyton Water Garden was constructed and still operates in Wade View Park in Orlando.

Is was designed to be a decorative shallow sculpture with a large Sun Dial that provides harvestable culture area to maintain Lake Wade.  Regulators measured significant nutrient removal using this method funding dried up for harvesting the surface.  While the system has changed over the years and is not currently harvested, I do still operate providing benefits to the Lake.

Attached algal filters can be designed to maintain high water quality in landscaping ponds and water features.  The system has been successfully used ion swimming pools, including the Natural Pools now popular as non-chemical systems.   More information on Periphyton is available upon request and on this site under the Green Roofs and Periphyton Filter Tab.

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