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Floating Buildings & Mechanical Systems

Kyle Jensen - Orlando Architect


Planning a home? Kyle Jensen will work with you personally to discover your unique tastes and bring your vision to life using his knowledge gained working on a diversity of projects spanning the globe. He is greatly experienced with both modern styles and traditional designs. With 25 years of worldwide experience, Kyle Jensen Architect can help you with projects of all sizes. He handles both commercial and residential design and can combine elegance and style with comfort and function to provide you with a space that perfectly suits your needs.

My interest in Floating Marinas with Floating Homes is grounded in Surface Water Quality improvement.  In Florida, we have the technology to clean surface water and to do it sustainably on a very large scale.  I have been very involved in innovating 2 filtration technologies primarily growing and harvesting algae that have sequestered nutrients.  (See Periphyton Roof Paper).

Our world's Surface Water is greatly polluted with nutrients. These are in the form of dirt and dust that falls on impervious surfaces and is washed into lakes and rivers and Fertilizer used in growing food crops and plantings like golf courses and landscaping.  Algae naturally absorb these nutrients and turn the water green with their microscopic cells.  If you can remove the algae (and use it effectively), the remaining water is pristine.  We can make the water so clean that downstream organisms relying on this for food can be impacted so we only clean as much as is needed to optimize an ecosystem  

The problem is that doing this is expensive and the State has a difficult time paying for it.

Enter:  Lease revenue from Floating Homesites in a Sustainable Marina!  This allows Florida to vastly improve the surface water quality of lakes and rivers without burdening taxpayers. The Marina is built off-site and floated into place.  It can be removed without a trace.  It fully and sustainably funds the Water Filtration Process. Please visit to see the detailed presentation and join us in our efforts for a better Florida!

Floating Buildings, Floating Neighborhoods And Associated Surface Water Filtration Systems In Orlando

There are vast, untapped Sovereign Land Development possibilities in Florida. They should be developed for the ecological benefit of all Floridians. Some locations have very special attributes that will allow development. The goal of creating Floating Buildings are as follows:

  • Develop specific Sovereign Submerged Lands and produce revenue that can be used to improve water quality

  • Water quality improvement is fully funded by the development

  • Developments must be capable of “Leaving without a trace” (e.g. have minimum or no permanent impact or infrastructure.)


Pros of Floating Neighborhoods

  • Greatly improves the water quality of a major river watercourse for hundreds of miles.

  • Costs taxpayers nothing.

  • Provides 2,000 highly sustainable waterfront home sites.

  • Completely removable. “Leaves without a trace.”

  • Improves economical performance.

For more information, click on the link below to view a full presentation.

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