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Shipping Container Architecture

Kyle Jensen - Orlando Architect

Global Shipping Container Architecture

Using shipping containers to create unique spaces has become a growing trend in the architectural community. This method of building not only creates interesting structures, but it also helps the environment by reusing cargo containers that would otherwise sit in a docking station. With his countless years of experience following all the new architectural trends, Kyle Jensen is up to the task of creating beautiful shipping container spaces to fit your needs. Whether you are looking for a trendy new home, office, apartment, school, dormitory, studio, emergency shelter, or parking garage, there are plenty of cargo containers just waiting to be transformed. Give Kyle Jensen a call today and let him take your plans and make them a reality.

Early in my career after the Navy, I was hired to design a completely Relocatable IMAX Theater seating 350 patrons and delivering very strict acoustical performance.  The theater was to tour the Rolling Stones Steel Wheels Tour Video shot in IMAX.  I developed a design using 70 40’ ISO Shipping Containers. The Shipping containers were used to support the seating plates and actually made up the structure of the building.

Since then we have designed or participated in the design of a 7 story Hotel in St Pete FL, a Relocatable Restaurant seating 120 patrons that can be erected anywhere in 4-8 hours, a Prototype 1650 SF 4 BR 4 Bath home and numerous technical units used for Everglades research and other off-site facility needs.  

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