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Flooding Solutions

We solve Flooding Problems in your building.  No matter if it's storm related or climate related we redesign buildings so they can operate through intermittent Flooding Conditions.  Redesign of the Site, Building, Access and Infrastructure can completely change the adaptability to extreme weather conditions.  One such project Mr. Jensen designed is the Zachary house on Stone Island in Enterprise Florida.  This home is only 3' above Lake Monroe and 6' above sea level and had flooded several times up to 3' above the ground level.  

022318-Zakari Roof Plan Axion_edited.jpg
We regrade Sites to create Barrier Walls with membranes and create low spots for Pumping out of the Basin.
022318-Zakari 2nd Floor paln Axion.jpg

We replan and harden areas that will flood if the barrier is over topped so a simple Pressure Washing restore them to usable status after a Flood.

022318-Zakari 1st Floor Axion.jpg

We raise the Driveway and other access points so vehicles and people can traverse the Basin Border. We build elevated space to move critical spaces and functions above maximum flood level.  We elevate Utility system so they can function during Flooding conditions.

022318-Zakari House Front Axion.jpg

We strive to make Flood protection look a like well thought out, beautiful Landscaping design relieving the stress of extreme weather threats.

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